circul+ sst

Medical-grade heart and blood oxygen wellness monitor that accurately tracks:

Heart Rate

Blood Oxygen (SpO2)

Single Lead ECG

Sleep Monitor

Step Count

Heart Rate Variability

Blood Pressure

Finger Temperature

Sensor Stabilization Technology (SST):

Patented spring loaded medical devices ensure snug fit and sensors are always in place to accurately measure Medical grade metrics.  BodiMetrics circulTM smart ring product line utilizes this patented technology to deliver both FDA 510(k) cleared blood oxygenation in all skin tones but also in its consumer general wellness rings. No other smart ring can make these claims.

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The circul+ Smart Ring is the only ring oximeter with continuous blood oxygenation (SpO2) and Heart Rate (HR) tracking for sleep, activity, and overall wellness. Improve your personal health and wellbeing by reviewing exercise and sleep quality metrics that can enhance mental clarity and energy levels.

Effective daily care metrics for heart and lung health including heart rate monitoring, steps and continuous SpO2 monitoring. circul+ enables comprehensive sleep tracking of your sleep stages (REM, awake, light and deep), SpO2 (blood oxygen) and heart rate for up to 12 hours per night. circul+ is the only ring pulse oximeter that also track your baseline skin temperature for 12 hours during sleep.

Not only for sleep, the circul+ also continuously monitors heart rate, steps and calories burned during daytime. circul+ ring and circul+ mobile app includes a free cloud portal and dashboard for PC viewing, printing and downloading your data! circul+ provides next level accuracy and health metrics. Coming soon to the circul+ ring thru a simple free firmware upgrade via the circul+ mobile app is single lead ECG (electrocardiogram of your heart rhythm), HRV (heart rate variability) and Blood Pressure.

circul+ smart ring is a patented, durable, light weight and stylish design with 3 adjustable sizes for a perfect fit – NO sizing kit needed so circul+ works on all fingers to ensure accurate metrics. No one will know you are wearing a health ring.

Use the circul+ mobile app to graphically display your overnight sleep tracking, including blood oxygenation (SpO2%), heart rate (HR), oxygen desaturation index (ODI) and 4 Sleep Stages (Awake, Light, Deep and REM Sleep) to inform lifestyle changes that may improve sleep, enhance metal clarity and reduce fatigue.

Improve fitness workouts or daily exercise by tracking your Heart Rate, steps and calories burned.

circul+ mobile app has a built-in ability to sync your data to your personal cloud account – just register for free and sign in via your circul+ mobile app so all your daytime, fitness and sleep data are available for viewing, printing, sharing or downloading.

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Small (Size 5-8.5), Large (Size 9-11.5), XL (Size 12-14), XXL (Size 14+)

The first ring to provide accurate health readings regardless of skin tone.