Ring Reboot

When you see this notification, it is likely the green light on your circul+ is unusually bright. Please put ring aside, as example put ring in a drawer, until bright green light has gone out. When green light has gone out, recharge your circul+.  It should then be able to resume its normal functions.

Sleep Monitoring Alarm

Alarm function works with sleep mode monitoring only, not daytime or exercise mode; Each sound alarm will happen depending on live SpO2 data less than threshold for 5 seconds continuously, if only 2 or 3 second lower,  no alarm; Each sound alarm will last only 3 minutes at most and stop automatically; Interval time between […]

APP working abnormally

Check if the mobile has no network, or network signal is poor, or the data transmission delay is too long. Please try again once network recover; if the APP works abnormally still, try to delete the APP and reinstall from the APP store

How to check the monitoring report remotely

User can open the App to view their own monitoring reports at any time, and their family members can also download the App login with the same account and password to see monitoring report remotely.

How to use the blood oxygen monitoring alarm function

In “CIRCUL” APP, you can set the real-time alarm reminding function of turning on blood oxygen monitoring, and set the threshold of blood oxygen alarm. When the real-time blood oxygen is lower than the alarm threshold and lasts for several seconds, the alarm prompt sound will be issued. Using this function requires the mobile phone […]

How to use the automatic timing monitoring function

In addition to turn on and end monitoring on the APP manually, you can also set the timing sleep monitoring in the APP. When you wear the ring and ring has battery, monitoring will turn on and end automatically during your preset time period. Once monitoring end, open APP and connect the ring to receive […]

Does the same person need monitoring frequently

If people has chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma or sleep apnea, it is recommended to monitor regularly, or monitor 2-3 times a week according to the disease severity, and take corresponding treatment at the same time, to evaluate treatment effect through continuous blood oxygen monitoring.

Sleep monitoring result are different on a same person multi-nights

Since people’s physical condition and sleep status are not same every day, the sleep monitoring results will be different also. Fluctuation within a reasonable range is normal. Unless the monitoring results have a large deviation, it is necessary to check wearing problems or physical illness reason.

Can’t find the latest ring monitoring report

After each ring monitoring, put the ring within 10 cm of the mobile phone to ensure normal Bluetooth communication. After opening the mobile phone APP to connect the ring automatically with Bluetooth, press and hold the End Monitoring button to receive the report. After the report is uploaded successfully, check the report in the APP. […]

Maximum continuous monitoring duration

The ring can store up to 12 hours monitoring data for each time. After 12 hours, ring will stop automatically, and wait for the APP to collect the data before starting another monitoring.