Introducing the NEW Prevention circul+ Ring

The lightweight ring is the only wearable device that can continuously measure blood oxygen, heart rate, and other key health metrics for all skin types.

Clinical Validation in Dark Pigmented Individuals Finds CIRCUL™ Pulse Oximetry Ring Provides Reliable Oxygen Saturation Readings

Regarding conversations and articles about the problem with Oximeters and Skin Pigments. BodiMetrics has  data that CIRCUL is not impacted by this problem Chronology of what has happened over the last few month in the news regarded this subject: Dec 17, 2020 Article published in NEJM Dec 22, 2020 New York Times does an […]

BodiMetrics Announces Dr. Meir Kryger Has Joined its Medical Advisory Board

BodiMetrics is extremely proud to announce the addition of Dr. Meir Kryger to its Medical Advisory Board. MANHATTAN BEACH, Calif., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Meir Kryger, is a world renowned expert in the field of Sleep Medicine. Dr. Kryger is a professor of medicine at Yale School of Medicine who has been treating patients with sleep disorders for over 40 years […]

BodiMetrics sponsors Rare Genomics Institute

The Rare Genomics Institute, a nonprofit patient advocacy group, announced it will launch its new RareWear program, marking 2020’s International Rare Disease Day. The program works with patients who have rare diseases to connect them with medical device providers specializing in technology for monitoring and managing conditions. Once matched, patients will receive a device for […]