May 15, 2020

Finger Pulse Oximeter – Blood Oxygen Meter

A finger pulse oximeter measures oxygen saturation level in the body without using needles or taking a blood sample. The metric shown on the screen (or the BodiMetrics App) reflects red blood cell oxygen saturation. The percentage gives doctors and medical advisors an indication of whether a person is within normal range on a blood oxygen meter or pulse ox level. Oxygen level may also help to determine if you require supplemental oxygen. The saturation number (a normal pulse ox number would be over 90-92%) is often referred to as SpO2.

Finger Pulse Oximeter

A finger oximeter is a simple, nonintrusive way to track blood oxygen saturation. The advantage of tracking blood oxygen using a mobile phone App is that you have historical data to see your SpO2 levels over time. See more about BodiMetric’s finger pulse oximeter ring here.

O2 Ring

A wearable pulse oxygen meter is extremely helpful when monitoring oxygen levels throughout the day, during exercise, and at night during sleep. A sleep oxygen monitor is invaluable for helping individuals with sleep breathing issues (like sleep apnea). During sleep monitor oxygen levels and track them the next morning and over time. A blood oxygen sleep monitor allows the user to see trends that may affect their sleep. Using a comfortable oxygen sensor like a ring, ensures that the device itself is not causing additional sleep or comfort problems.

For respiratory illnesses, a lower than expected blood oxygen level (SpO2) may be an early indicator. If an unexpected drop in blood oxygen occurs, it may be a sign to seek medical attention. During the COVID-19 pandemic, studies have shown that patients may have low blood oxygen prior to other symptoms. Data collected from technology may be sent to medical professionals, often referred to as eHealth or Telemedicine. Doctor’s and nurses can help diagnose potential conditions remotely using cloud applications and data sharing.

For more information about pulse oximetry, see the American Lung Association website.

Benefits of a Ring Pulse Oximeter

CIRCUL allows you to continuously monitor your blood oxygen levels. Because it is an oxygen ring, it can be worn comfortably day and night. Constrast this with a traditional finger oximeter that is bulky and covers most of a finger, often has a cord attached, and cannot be worn comfortably. In addition, studies show that a traditional pulse oximeter that wraps around your finger is prone to poor readings, especially if wearing nail polish. 24 hour blood oxygen monitoring ensures that oxygen levels are safely within range during daytime activities and nighttime. Plus, CIRCUL as a pulse oximeter will save your results and upload them to the cloud, so you may see the longterm trends of your blood oxygen levels.

See more here:  https://bodimetrics.com/product/circul-sleep-and-fitness-ring/