March 13, 2020

COVID-19 Coronavirus Monitoring, China

Continuous SpO2 and Heart Rate data, sleep quality etc, monitor doctors and nurses health anytime.

The CIRCUL Ring & BodiOrb are being used in CHINA in the fight against COVID 19. BodiMetrics put together a presentation on how the Chinese are using our devices.  The attached image highlights a slide.

“These are unique times. As a pediatrician, it is not the children who are at risk, it is their grandparents, parents with diabetes, asthma, lupus, COPD and other chronic diseases. We must protect ourselves and our healthcare system by monitoring ourselves in our homes. We know from the hard-won experience in China that elevated heart rate, respiratory rate, and falling oximetry can be early warning signs of a more severe course.”
– Dr. Chris Landon